hair extensions

Hair extensions are a method of adding the highest quality human “Extiff” hair to your natural hair. The new look is immediate and dramatic !! Because the hair is re-usable, it is extremely economical as it can be re-positioned as your natural hair grows. Taken out for a “new” look and reattached at any time. Extensions are used to conceal thinning or hair loss in concentrated areas, adding volume, length and enhancing existing hair style. Extiff hair still possesses the cuticle layer, which is the outermost part of the hair strand. All Extiff hair has the cuticle layer of the hair flowing in the same direction, flowing the way it would naturally. The cuticle layer is important to avoid hair tangling, longevity of the use, and how well the hair shines. When the cuticle layer is intact and lying flat, the hair is capable of reflecting light, so that the hair shines. Hair extensions have also been used as popular “non-chemical” highlighting !

Natural looking

For the best NATURAL LOOKING result, it is absolutely essential to use the highest quality extensions !!! Many products use hair lying in different directions and hair of a lesser quality. Insist on the BEST, it will show in your look and the longevity of the product.

We will advise on the best length and color for your new look at your free initial consultation this process is essential so that you and your stylist have a clear understanding of exactly what you require. We only special order your HAIR EXTENSIONS specifically for you. We do not try and sell extensions we have in stock.

With quality extensions you can wash, cut, color, highlight, swim, in fact do anything you want as if it was your own hair ! You can be assured at all times you will have the best product and the best service !!