It was in 1999 at a fashion show that Valérie and Rudy met for the first time. She was a free lance model and he was a backstage hairdresser. Since then they’ve never left each other. Valérie had been a model since she was 16 years old in Paris and at the same time helped her Champagne winemaker dady in his village. Rudy have been the son of a hairdresser for 3 generations and he took care of his father’s hair salons in Epernay, the capital of Champagne.
After a few years working in the fashion industry they decided to leave France in 2003 for St Martin in the Caribbean to open a new hair salon.
Already Valerie had the idea to create her own ready-to-wear line which is why after a wedding in Las Vegas in 2004 they leave the island of Saint Martin for Puna in India to start their clothing line.
In 2009 we decided to return to Champagne to open a huge hair Salon/Boutique/Shooting studio of 4500sq ft and let’s go for the first time to Bali in Indonesia to create the « ADN CENTURY » clothing line which will be sold in their shop.

Success having arrived they decide to create the brand KARMA LUNA Collections , accessories and leather goods items in python and anaconda skin as well as ready-to-wear and fashion accessories and create their online web site www.karma-luna.fr in 2014.
Sales are multiplying they are moving back to St Martin in the Caribbean to distribute their products in stores, for his part, Rudy take over the management of a hair salon in Oyster Pond.
Unfortunately following the passage of IRMA hurricane on September 6, 2017 all their projects disappear.
Because their clientele being 80% American they decide to settle in Florida to realize their dream.
This is in Sarasota that they decide to establish themselves with a Salon Boutique and Day SPA that corresponds fully to their projects and their amazing partnership that they call KARMA LUNA Salon Boutique & Day SPA….