hair coloring techniques

The modern products available to professional stylists hair coloring today has changed immeasurably in recent years. Brilliant vivid colors, kinder to the hair, longer lasting, the list goes on and on !! But no matter how good the they are it all comes down to one thing…..communication and collaboration between you and your stylist. The perfect result should not be a happy accident !! Your stylist will guide you to ensure only the best products are used to create the look you are trying to achieve. Ask questions, be involved, the ultimate goal is that the cut and color become one, they should be cohesive and fluid.

hair coloring ideas

It’s all down to imagination, for example, popular trends now are balayage*, ombre* and baby lights*.Corrective color is huge now !! When using the balayage technique, for example, the key is to keep it seamless and subtle at the scalp area, while focusing the attention around the face. It’s a subtle hint of color rather than a shout.
Hair styling is a highly personalized experience, our stylists will work with you to deliver the best salon service we can provide to you the customer. Take advantage of your stylists depth of experience and training. if your getting less than the best your in the wrong salon

BALAYAGE, A French word meaning to paint. It gives a sun-kissed natural looking hair color and gives a less noticeable re-growth. OMBRE, A popular look defined by hair that is dark at the root , and blends into a lighter and lighter shade as it gets to the ends. Again a popular painting technique. BABY-LIGHTS, The best new hair color trend. Super fine Highlights that delicately soften the roots of solid colored hair. This subtle ultra thin Highlight is perfect for those who want a beautiful natural looking effect.

They look gorgeous on dark hair, are super low maintenance, and still look beautiful as they grow out.